Demo at Lesher!

We went to Lesher today for our second demo of the 2016 season.  We presented to the FLL teams at Lesher about Alpine Robotics and how our team runs.  We ran in to a few minor technical problems along the way, but we worked around it as a team and were able to let all of the kids there drive the robot for some time. Overall, all the kids there were very excited and interested in the robot and our team, and we greatly look forward to doing more demos in the future.  A video of this demo is being edited together, and we will upload it here soon.

CLP Demo!

On Tuesday we had our first demo of the season!  We had one demo with the middle school FLL teams and another with the elementary school JFLL.  Both groups had a lot of fun, and we even let some of the kids drive the robot for a bit.  We’ve already scheduled some more demos at other schools, and we are greatly looking forward to those!  Below are some pictures from the demo:

The Build Season has Ended

Midnight on Tuesday the 17th marked the last day of build season.  The robot has been boxed and will soon be on its way to Florida for our first regional competition.  Over the next few days we will be machining spare parts and preparing for the regional.  The name decided upon for the robot was “Clawdius Seizer” referencing its claw used for grabbing the totes and recycling bins used in the competition.